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Hey Evonne Payne!

I think David Adam (Toad) Harris was a descendant of King Haigler too. In fact my family remembers your family very well. They used to go visit aunt Blanche who lived on the corner house on Cemetery St. They used to walk down to the bottom of that hill beside the house to get water and help her feed the chickens. You wont find that information anywhere on google except for right here. My family called Blanche their aunt but they don't recall the real relationship because my grandfather Elton Leo Poston was adopted. He can be seen in many house holds in the census. I do know Blanche was a Harris though. My great grand fathers name was Cletus Poston. Often confused with Cleadus Bryson who I believe was Blanches son? My grand father was Elton Leo Poston. He was orphaned by my great grandfather Cletus Poston when his wife died during child birth with Billy (Adopted name Player) Poston. The Harris family as well as a few others took my grand father in and that is how Cletus Poston met my great grandma Mary. I don't know Marys surname but she married a Huckabee after Cletus passed away. Mary also had a sister who used to work at the store over their off red river back in the 70's named Charsy and I believe her brother married a Blanche Parker. All these people are gone now and sadly we were left off the rolls unless an Indian name is used but it was said my great grandma Hazel Chandler was born on the reservation. Her mother was Bertha Mitchell who married Arthur Chandler. Very very very white people with Catawba Ancestry.