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I am the youngest son of Mr. Joseph Guthrie. It's crazy to be commenting on an article published 15 years ago, but refreshing at the same time with all the events happening in the world at the moment. I remember growing up on the island, it was simple, fun, and boring at times. Growing up all I could think of was leaving the island when I got older. I remember Daddy always reinforcing good work ethic, study hard, and go out and make something of yourself. He saw the time and lifestyle changing around us and knew what was best. Just like things changed and people had to leave the Outer Banks to be provide a better life for their family.
Stacy passed away long before I was born, but I have been well educated on what kind of man he was and what he did for his family and friends. I saw that in my father everyday. I also know he would've sold his land to help anyone in need if that's what it took. I remember when my father was dying with cancer, he wanted my mother to sell and move closer to my sister. She didn't, she stayed for a bit, but the house and land was too much for her. So she did what was best, she sold. Now all that sits there, besides a 3 story house, is the the original driveway, the shed my dad built, and the old oak trees. It's really sad to see the how much has changed, now that I'm older, I'd give anything for that simple life. But as time goes by, life keeps going, we have to adapt to the world around us. Whether it's floating your house across Back Sound to the island, selling your house on Red Hill or Rush Point, it's what we have to do. It will never be the same physically, but we have the memories and we have what's in our hearts and soul. And trust me now that I'm slightly older and slightly more mature, if I could, I'd buy as much of that land as I possibly could.