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I am Stacy Guthrie's great-granddaughter and Joseph's daughter and I cannot help but have a few issues with parts of this article. A few things - I would love for someone to ask Karen if she has ever owned and then sold Harkers Island property. To imply selling the property is like putting a for sale sign in front of a church, well, forgive me if I find that a bit of a stretch. We sold our childhood home. We sold the place we grew up, where we have very fond memories. It was not an easy decision and guess what - none of us got rich off the deal. It had absolutely nothing to do with money. My father died two months after finding out he had cancer. Two months. My father was loyal to Harkers Island - more than a lot of people. He loved the island and he loved his heritage. But he loved his family more than a piece of property. He fully gave his blessing before he died for us to sell that piece of property. He had his reasons as did we - and it wasn't about money. It wasn't about not caring about Harkers Island and our heritage. My Poppy (Stacy) died before I was born. I never got to meet him or know him but I was told many stories growing up about the kind of man he was and while it may have been hard for him to see the island change the way it has, he would have understood our reasons for selling. He would have understood our reasons for moving away. And he would have given us his blessing.