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My ancestor, John Farrar (1750-1830), of VA was hired to help put down the Regulator insurrection and later went into Kentucky as a gunman hired by Richard Henderson of the Transylvania Company. In the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina, John Farrar was enlisted in 1771 by Capt. Leonard Bullock to help put down the Regulator insurrection (Clark vol.22 pp 416-418). Farrar served for 78 days at 2 shillings per day in an Orange County Regiment commanded by Capt. Nathaniel Hart. His brother, William Farrar, was in the same company and served for 48 days. Can you provide any further information on the Farrar brother's role in the Regulator insurrection? My research was published "Captain John Farrar (1750-1830) of VA, NC, and TN and his Kentucky Connection with Daniel Booneā€¯ by Virginia Knobel Tschanz STIRPES vol 36 Number 2, June 2006 pp 30-51.