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I am researching the Shady Oak Dairy which was formed in the early 1900’s and in operation until 1960 in the Bruce Township of Guilford County, NC. I have found ads in the archives of the Greensboro News and Record from the 1920’s promoting a group of dairies for which Shady Oak was included. The dairy was purchased by Dr. C. I. Carlson around 1918 and remained under Carl, Jr’s managment until the dairy was dissolved. Prior to Jr. , it was managed by Arvid E. Carlson, Dr. Carlson’s Brother. They had a herd of gurnesey cows. In 1955, they had the second largest milk producing cow in the country. Jrs. hay drying equipment was featured in Hoarders Dairyman that year. I am trying to locate the number of acres the dairy farm represented prior to Dr. Carlson’s purchase and the name of the man or family from whom he purchased Shady Oak. Those facts and any other information would be appreciated. B. wilcox