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I am a former Chairman of the Triangle Association for the Science of
Creation (TASC). I have a Master of Combined Sciences in biology, chemistry and geology and served as Chairman of TASC from 2001-2006 and continue as a board member. TASC's mission is to rebuild and strengthen the foundation of the Christian faith by increasing awareness of the scientific evidence supporting the literal Biblical account of creation and refuting evolution. The correct, updated name adopted by our board in 2001 for our organization is Triangle Association for the Science of Creation(TASC) which we would ask you to update in the NCpedia. This informative article sadly chronicles a large falling away of our state and our nation from God to secularism and humanism by being deceived by "science/knowledge(KJV, NIV) falsely" proclaimed with many of those adopting, rejecting faith or falling away from faith in God and Christ, thus lost with eternal separation and punishment from God not receiving the gift of eternal life in heaven, 1 Tim. 6: 20-21. As a scientist, I realize that objective, true science has confirmed that naturalistic evolution is a false theory not scientific fact, and as a Christian and scientist, I realize naturalistic evolution is anti-thetical to creation and belief in God our Creator and Christ our Creator and Savior, Col. 1: 12-19.

I hope and request you print this as comparative notes on evolution and creation in the interest of academic freedom. People can go to our web site:
and compare the notes on the subjects to come to a
truly objective conclusion.