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Doing research on the Michael/Berry Rogers Family. Find three of Fabius and Martha Haywood children are buried in the Haywood/Rogers Cemetery just off Forestville Road, at Wake Crossroads. There were two daughters and one son. The son was buried with Mary Whitaker, the wife of Cyrus Whitaker, dates not noted. Seeking information on Berry Rogers, who was listed as a Baptist Minister on 1860 Census. Cyrus and Mary Whitaker are buried in this cemetery, as well. This Historic Cemetery is in disrepair and needs to be put on a "Restoration" list. Especially since Michael Rogers, the first Sheriff of Wake County is buried here. We need an Historic Marker placed in this vicinity. Across the road from the cemetery was Rogers Tavern, pictured in Elizabeth Reid Murray's book entitled WAKE Capital County of North vii. How would one go about requesting such a marker?

Thanks for your help.
Sylvia Watkins of Wake Crossroads.