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I am trying to locate a group of Indians that lived in the SE section of Guilford County. I remember as a young boy going to my friend's grandfather's place in Guilford County of maybe NE Randolph County. I know that we traveled out of Greensboro south on Old 421 South. We turned down a road and came to a stop and crossed another road and over a railroad track and turned onto another road for maybe a mile or so and then came to a farm. There was a tobacco field across a dirt road (I assume it was on the owner's property). On the opposite side of the road was the house with a spring where they obtained their water. The house was a frame house, maybe 1200- 1500 sq. ft. I remember through the wood on the far side of the tobacco field was a creek. They also had a horse pasture on the side of the site where we entered their property. We walked that tobacco field often and found lots of arrow heads, Indian money, some pottery. I would like to find that location, but I am not sure where it is. My friend's last name was Allen so I am assuming the owner was the grandfather also with the name Allen.