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Dobbs County was abolished in 1791. The area that was Dobbs was split between Glasgow, Lenoir, and Wayne Counties. Glasgow was later abolished, and the area became Greene County, so the counties that were once Old Dobbs are Greene, Lenoir, and Wayne Counties. All 3 of those counties are areas where the Tuscarora once lived until the Tuscarora War in the early 1700s ( Wayne and Greene counties were also home to the Woccon tribe. The Woccon fought on the side of the Tuscarora during the war. After the war, many of the Tuscarora who survived moved to New York and its believed that some of the survivors of the Woccon joined them while others joined with other larger tribes that helped the Tuscarora, such as the Catawba tribe.

for tribes that exist today, you can see from this map that the closest to Wayne County is the Coharie tribe in Sampson and Harnett Counties Hope that helps!

Erin Bradford, Government and Heritage Library