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Excellent history of the churches in NC giving names of churches and pastors and locations - great for genealogical help. Need to tie in the Shubal Stearns pastor in NC who lead the great revival which sent out so many preacher boys who took over the General Baptist churches both in NC and SC and VA.
And need to touch on the part Thomas Hewlys played in the start of General Baptist churches in England of which members came to VA and started same type of churches in Isle of Wight Co Va and other places like Albemarle County. There were five Baptist churches in Albemarle in 1760-1800 in an association which were General Baptist but were taken over by the Calvinistic pastors.
Names of those Albemarle churches include Totier Creek Baptist and Pretties Creek Baptist. There was a Baptist church at Covesville in Albemarle too.
Folks from Covesville and Totier Creek Baptist churches moved to Amherst along with their pastor Martin Dawson and est churches there. Then the next
generation many of those went to Sumner Co TN and est churches there in Castalian Springs and Gallatin and Nashville TN area. Next gen went to Tx.
Thomas Hewlys was the lawyer pastor whose home was used for the meeting of the folks who later became the famous Pilgrims on the Mayflower to America.
Thomas Hewlys was wealthy and he paid most of the cost when the two sister congregations in the towns of Gainsboro and Scroby fled to Holland. They lived in Amsterdam at first around 1600. Then part of the group under Robinson pastor moved to Leiden while the other part stayed in Amsterdam under pastor Smith and Thomas Hewlys. Smith became sick and knowing he was going to die led his people to join a Mennonite church which had helped them since they first arrived in Amsterdam. Thomas Hewlys decided to go back to England though he knew it could be mean his inprisonment. He took some back to England and was soon put in prison. He wrote tracts from jail and helped est Baptist type faith churches which soon grew to around a hundred and formed association and sent members to Virgina. Thomas Hewlys died in prison in a few yrs. The part he played in helping Baptist churches get a start and then members helping start Baptist churches in America is not known enough.
Hewlys made great sacrifices. His wife was put in prison too a wealthy noble woman and all their land and money confiscated just because they refused to go to the state church and instead met in their homes for church.