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How to Contribute to NCpedia

NCpedia relies on volunteer contributions for many new entries and for continued development of new content areas, and contributors have come from a variety of occupations and institutions. If you are interested in contributing an entry on a topic about which you are knowledgeable, please contact us with the topic before submitting it. Reference citations are required for all new entries submitted. Read below for an overview of content and format guidelines for NCpedia submissions.

General Submission and Editorial Guidelines |click here for a pdf of the complete guidelines document|

Submission Guidelines Fast Facts

Articles should generally be encyclopedic in nature and should range from 500 to 1400 words in length, but may go up to 2000 words in length for some topics. 

NCpedia utilizes the Chicago Manual of Style for document and citation formatting.

Entries should remain neutral in tone.

Article bibliographic elements:  Title (topic/individual last, first name), Author, Year Written, Author's Affiliation (where applicable); birth date - death date (for biographical articles).

Article structural elements: First sentence should summarize the topic, its significance to history, and ties to North Carolina. Article should provide a chronological overview of important aspects the topic, giving special attention to events occurring in, or of importance to, North Carolina.  Discrepancies between sources may be noted. Hyperlinks to other NCpedia articles or other reputable online resources for more information are strongly encouraged. For biographies, include any marriages and children, death date and how s/he died (if known) and location of burial (if known). See the Submission and Editorial Guidelines for more detailed and full guidelines.

References: List of references used in writing the entry is required. Please provide a reference list using Chicago Style. (Example here)

Additional resources used: Finding aids, individual's papers, other reputable resources online users may go to for additional information, even if they were not used in the creation of the entry are helpful and may be included.

Supporting media credits for images/video/audio:  Inclusion of images and video and audio (where appropriate) is encouraged, provided they are in the public domain, have a Creative Commons License, or if permission is secured to include them in NCpedia.  Provide citation information for supporting media and include its creator, year created, title, owning institution (when applicable), and URL (where applicable).

Fact checking is conducted on all new submissions.

Contact us with any additional questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.