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Flossie Durham talks about her first day of spinning.

Flossie Moore Durham interviewed by Mary Frederickson and Brent Glass, Bynum, North Carolina, September 2, 1976. Interview # H-66 in the Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007), Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Flossie Durham Part 10 by LEARN NC


Audio Transcript

Brent Glass
Do you remember your first day at work and what your job was?
Flossie Moore Durham
At the mill?
Brent Glass
Flossie Moore Durham
Yes, it was spinning.
Brent Glass
At ten years old?
Flossie Moore Durham
Yes. That’s all I could have done. I weren’t but ten years old. All the little ones, they’d put them to spinning, you see, or something like that. But now that weren’t a bad life. We had a real good life over there on the hill. Every house was filled, and the people was all friendly and they was all nice. And Mr. Luther Bynum was looking after it, and he wouldn’t have anybody over there that drank. Anybody got drinking, they left there right now. Didn’t have no drinking and cutting up over there. Things was kept quiet and nice. And it was a good place over there to live.
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