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North Carolina State Symbols and Official Adoptions: General Statutes

By Kelly Agan

North Carolina Government & Heritage Library, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

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State Symbol/Adoption General Statute
State Art Medium G.S. 145-46
State Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum and State Museum of Aviation  G.S. 145-21
State Beverage  G.S. 145-10.1
State Bird  G.S. 145-2
State birthplace of Traditional Pottery  G.S. 145-23
State Butterfly  G.S. 145-38
State Carnivorous Plant  G.S. 145-22
State Christmas Tree  G.S. 145-25
State Collard Festival  G.S. 145-27
State Dances  G.S. 145-24
State Dog  G.S. 145-13
State Flower  G.S. 145-1
State Folk Art  G.S. 145-45
State Food Festival  G.S. 145-28
State Fossil  G.S. 145-41
State Freshwater Trout  G.S. 145-26
State Frog  G.S. 145-42
State Fruit and State Berries  G.S. 145-18
State Herring Festival  G.S. 145-34
State Historical Boat  G.S. 145-11
State Home of the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians G.S. 145-49
State Honor and Remember Flag  G.S. 145-32
State Horse  G.S. 145-31
State Insect  G.S. 145-7
State International Festival  G.S. 145-19
State Language  G.S. 145-12
State Mammal  G.S. 145-5
State Marsupial  G.S. 145-44
State Military Academy  G.S. 145-14
State Mineral  G.S. 145-35
State Mullet festival  G.S. 145-40
State Outdoor Festival G.S. 145-50
State Peanut Festival  G.S. 145-47
State Potato Festival  G.S. 145-30
State Reptile  G.S. 145-9
State Rock  G.S. 145-10
State Salamander  G.S. 145-43
State Saltwater fish  G.S. 145-6
State Shad Festival; Blue Monday Shad Fry  G.S. 145-33
State Shell  G.S. 145-4
State Shrimp Festival  G.S. 145-37
State Sport  G.S. 145-36
State Spring and Fall Livermush Festivals  G.S. 145-39
State Stone  G.S. 145-8
State Tartan  G.S. 145-15
State Theaters (Professional, Community) G.S. 145-29
State Tree  G.S. 145-3
State Vegetable  G.S. 145-17
State Veterans Day Parade  G.S. 145-48
State Watermelon Festivals  G.S. 145-16
State Wildflower  G.S. 145-20