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Weather and Climate in a Snap!

by Emily Horton
NC Government & Heritage Library, 2012.

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"Hurricane Ivan, 2004," Image courtesy of NCSU, Climate and Weather.North Carolina is located in the warm temperate zone. However, the difference in elevation across the state results in a variety of weather conditions throughout the three regions.

Average Rainfall Per Year: 44 inches

Average Snowfall Per Year: 5 inches

Lowest Temperature Recorded: -34°F on January 21,1985 in Mount Mitchell.

Highest Temperature Recorded: 110°F on August 21, 1983 in Fayetteville.

Regional Average Temperatures (°F)

Coastal Plain: Annual Average Temp: 66°F; January Average: lower 50's; August Average: mid 90's

Piedmont: Annual Average Temp: 60°F; January Average: upper 40's; August Average: mid-upper 90's

Mountains: Annual Average Temp: 55°F; January: lower 30's; August: mid-60's


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"Hurricane Ivan, 2004," NCSU, Climate and Weather.