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Howard, Caleb D.

by Thomas A. Bowers, 1988

Fl. 1788–94

Caleb D. Howard, printer and journalist, published in Wilmington The Wilmington Centinel and General Advertiser with his partner, Daniel Bowen; their first issue apparently appeared on 5 Mar. 1788. The partnership was dissolved sometime in 1788 or 1789, and Howard moved to Fayetteville. There, he became the partner of John Sibley, and they published The Fayetteville Gazette beginning on 24 Aug. 1789. Although Howard was known as a strong anti-Federalist, the Gazette printed essays and arguments both for and against the proposed federal Constitution. Early in 1790, the name of the newspaper was changed to The North Carolina Chronicle; or Fayetteville Gazette, and according to the imprint was printed by John Sibley and Co. The 13 Sept. 1790 issue said it was printed by George Roulstone for John Sibley and Co., and the 11 October issue noted that it was printed by Howard and Roulstone for John Sibley and Co.

The firm of Sibley and Howard submitted a proposal to print the journal of the 1789 constitutional convention at Fayetteville, but the journal was printed by Hodge and Wills, the official state printers. On 23 Nov. 1789, Sibley and Howard were paid six pounds for printing 300 copies of amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

The Chronicle ceased publication in March 1791, and the publishers lamented that their subscribers were tardy in paying their bills. The 25 June 1794 issue of The North Carolina Journal, published by Hodge and Wills at Halifax, listed Caleb D. Howard as their agent in Fayetteville and told subscribers there that they could pay him. This is the last known reference to Howard.

The masthead of the Wilmington Centinel, published by Caleb D. Howard and Daniel Bowen. The Wilmington Centinel. 1788-07-02. North Carolina Digital Collections.


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