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North Carolina History
Elementary Education Collection

This NCpedia collection includes entries and other resources written specifically for elementary grades education. The entries are written at a 4th to 6th grade reading level, with many at an average of 5th grade. Some entries are short and others a bit longer. Longer entries have been written and segmented into parts that may be excerpted and read alone. Please continue to visit this collection as we add new articles. And please let us know if there are specific topics you would like to see for use in classroom activities. 


Ella Baker, Civil Rights Activist
Charlotte Hawkins Brown, African American Educational Leader
Anna Julia Cooper, African American Education Leader
Harriet Ann Jacobs, African American Writer
John Chavis, Pioneering African American Teacher & Preacher
Michael Jordan, North Carolina Sports Icon
Nina Simone, Vocal Artist and Songrwiter, Civil Rights Activist
Pauli Murray, Gender and Civil Rights Activist
Sarah Keys, African American Military Woman Who Stood Up for Her Rights
Thomas Day, North Carolina Craftsman and Freeman of Color
George Henry White, African American Reconstruction Political Leader

Geography & Environment

Maps: Many Varieties and Many Uses
North Carolina Maps

History of Daily Life

Living off the land: Life in Rural North Carolina

History of Farming & Agriculture

Farming and Agriculture: Working the Fields

History of Business & Industry

Black Wall Street, Durham, N.C.

History of Science, Technology & Inventions

X-Rays: Discovering a Super Power

History of Transportation

Transportation in North Carolina: A History of Getting Around
The Automobile: Social Game Changer

History of Education

Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Rosenwald Schools: Helping Communities Help Themselves

History of the American Revolution

The Regulator Movement: Speaking Out and Standing Up for Your Beliefs

Culture and Heritage

North Carolina Quilts
North Carolina Visionary Artists

Nature & The World Around Us

Longleaf Pine
The Great Dismal Swamp

Events That Made & Changed History

Royal Ice Cream Sit-in, Durham, N.C.

Primary Source-Based Activity Pages (grade 5 reading level)

Transportation in NC: A Brief History of Getting Around
Farming and Agriculture in NC: A History of Working in the Field
Rural Life in North Carolina 1800 to 1900: Some things change and some stay the same
Social Game Changer: The Automobile
Mapping Your World and Finding Your Way