Staff and Advisors


Project Managers: Kelly Eubank, State Library of North Carolina

Advisor: Kevin Cherry, Deputy Secretary, North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources 

Research and Content Editor: Kelly Agan, State Library of North Carolina

Systems Librarians: Erin Holmes and Michael Millner, State Library of North Carolina

Historical Consultants: 

Michael Hill, Ansley Wegner and Joseph Beatty, Division of Historical Resources, North Carolina Office of Archives and History
Debbi Blake, State Archives of North Carolina

Graduate Interns, State Library of North Carolina: Kyle Porter (Summer 2018), Christine Alston (Summer 2018), Jordan Scott (Fall 2018), Alyssa Putt (Spring/Summer 2019)

Original LEARN NC NC Digital History Textbook


Editor: David Walbert
Research Associate: L. Maren Wood
Associate Editor and Librarian: Emily Jack
Lead Teacher: Pauline S. Johnson
Video Production and Multimedia: Daniel Lunk
Historical Consultant: Kathryn Walbert
Research Assistant: Jill Molloy
Multimedia Assistant: Eliza Jane Harris


Several people advised us on various aspects of the textbook project. We regret that we could not take every suggestion they offered, but hope that what we’ve produced lives up to their expectations.

Jackie Brooks
Laura Clark Brown
Kim Andersen
Kevin Cherry
Steve Davis
Mike Dorcas
Jennifer Farley
Jason Tomberlin

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